Oxygen Generating System
A Reliable and efficient solution for oxygen requirements in hospitals

We introduce Oxygen Generating Machine to you manufactured by Cistron Systems Pvt Ltd. and
have been a significant name among medical machinery manufacturers. Our Oxygen Generating Machine is economical and best for oxygen requirements of hospitals.

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Medical Oxygen Generating System (MOGS)

There are many oxygen generators available in market but the MOGS supplied by us is quite cost effective compared to all. The machine produces oxygen as per your hospital’s requirement on demand. It is safer to use than the oxygen cylinders. It uses Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA) technology for continued supply of oxygen.

  • The machine works automatically and there is no manual attention is requires to ensure continued supply of oxygen.
  • Our MOGS are made carefully with alarm systems, reserve capability and effective monitoring systemto ensure safety requirements.
  • No extensive training or knowledge is needed to
    operate it.

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