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CT Contrast Media Injector

We are the authorised distributors for the entire range of Sino MDT Contrast Injectors (CT/MRI/DSA)

  • SinoPower-S/D is a smart high pressure CT injector from Sino MDT, China. This is the only injector which has unique real time pressure monitoring function. This feature reduces chances of swelling of vessels caused by vascular rupture and gives out an alarm and stops injection on occlusion.
  • Patented Direct Pressure Sensor Technology
  • The pressure injector also comes with standard touch screen based LCD operator panels on both sides (in stand and remote). All functions can be controlled by the remote panel.
  • Protection of air exhaustion confirmation to make sure of injection after exhausting air.
  • Good interaction with various scanning devices.
  • Anti leakage design protects the injector head from getting damaged by liquid.
  • Big wheels and hand holds for easy movement and fixing.

DSA Contrast Media Injector

High pressure Contrast injectors for DSA (Cathlabs) compatible with all Siemens, GE, Philips etc.

12.1 inch color LCD Control display, large visual angle, graphic interface

Medical Image Display Systems

Medical Image Display system is highly useful for radiologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals. The key performance of this display system is repeatable and adequate performance. In modern radiology department, it is highly essential to use medical image display system.

  • Images can be acquired in colour or greyscale
  • Fine quality and property of image for better diagnose

Syringes and Tubings for Injectors

We offer best syringes and tubings which are suitable for a wide array of power injectors.

  • The syringes and tubing are carefully curated to minimize the possibility of bubble formation
  • Properly sealed to avoid sir leakage or aspiration
  • Have long and protective cap to eliminate the risk of contamination
  • Ideally sized to fit a wide varieties of injectors.
Steam Cum ETO Sterilizer

Endoscopy Surgical Display

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