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The doctors need to wear reliable eye protection gear during treating patients with infectious diseases or during operations. We provides a wide array of eye protection wear at affordable prices.

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It is recommended for the doctors to wear protective glasses to save themselves from acquiring any kind of contamination or infection through their eyes.

  • This model is quite popular globally.
  • It provides full frontal protection of the eyes.


The design is diligently made to provide protection from all sides.

  • The design is diligently made to provide protection from all sides.
  • The front and side glass helps one from harmful radiations.
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The Maxx 30 is especially curated to provide maximum and effective protection to the eyes.

  • It has padding on the temples of the glass to provide comfort in wearing.
  • There is a bridge on the nose so that it does not leave any mark or irritates during long working hours in hospitals.


The Sporty eye glass protect from splash or droplet which can turn to be infectious.

  • The Sporty are the complete wrap around glasses.
  • There is no danger of lateral radiation and it provides complete protection.
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The Fit Over glasses provide necessary protection for the eyes and are super easy to wear and work.

  • The Fitover eye wear give complete protection and vision clarity too.
  • It is quite comfortable to wear.

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